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Get To Know Us

Blessed by Down was founded by Sheri Dupre' DeFelice in 2009. Sheri was inspired to create the organization after giving birth to an exceptional set of twins. Her son, Jayce, was born a typical child and her daughter, Olivia, was unexpectedly born with Down syndrome. DeFelice believes Olivia and others like her should be given the same opportunities as Jayce and other typical children.


Blessed By Downs is a support group for parents, families and individuals born with Down syndrome.


We are a 501-C (3) non-profit organization and the Southeast Louisiana Affiliate of the National Down Syndrome Society. Established in 2009, our organization is run entirely by volunteers.

What we do

Blessed By Downs is committed to creating a brighter future for our loved ones, by changing what we can and creating more opportunities in our local communities.


We are also committed to raising awareness, so that our loved ones are more accepted just as they are.


Lastly, we are committed to saving babies from abortion, simply because they may be born with Down syndrome.

Educating others

Our Motto: Anything is possible if given the opportunity!

Our Vision: Changing the way our community sees Down syndrome!

Our Goal: Educating, advocating and raising awareness about the facts of Down syndrome!

Raising awareness

Promoting inclusion

Creating change

Our Mission

Down Syndrome Creed

My face may be different,

But my feeling is the same,

I laugh and I cry

And take pride in my gain!


I was sent here among you,

To teach you how to love,

As God in the heavens

Looks down from above!


To Him, I’m no different,

His love knows no bound,

It’s those here among us

In cities and towns!


They judge me by standards,

That man has imparted,

But this family I’ve chosen,

Will help me get started!

For I’m one of the children,

So special and few,

That came here to learn,

The same lesson as you!


That love is acceptance,

It must come from the heart,

We all have the same purpose,

Though not the same start!


The Lord gave me life,

To live and embrace,

And I’ll do it as you do.

Just at my own pace!

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